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Pages is an independent website that publishes everything new in the field of employment and employment and online job opportunities, in addition to building online projects. You must be aware of certain conditions of use of the content of the site.

Brother / sister should know that:

The sale of content is in no way permitted, whether free courses, applications or services are offered.

It is not allowed to transfer articles without mentioning the original source of the subject, with its link, but as with commercial entities, whoever wants to transfer it must take the license of the author and contact him before that, and whoever does not respect this, I am his pilgrims on the Day of Resurrection.

Comments are addressed primarily to the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the siteWe welcome all constructive advice, criticism, help or support, who like to advance the level of our services.

The site encourages and supports the Arabic language, whether in topics or comments, please avoid dialects in comment

And one relies on (Creative Commons Attribution) which means that anyone can copy, distribute, display and create derivative works of blog content with one condition; It is not credited with the original content.

The goal is to reserve my intellectual property rights to the articles I write, and at the same time to allow others to copy and share this information.